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Doğuş Label & Packaging

With our decades of collective experience on board, powered by high technology, we are ready to solve all your labelling needs.

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Beyond 30 years of strong market presence under Doğuş Brand, here you will find more than 150 years of combined experience at your service, delivering.

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With a focus on sustainability and in line with our environmental policy…

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Labelling may seem as a small step within the production processes. However, various researches on purchasing habits show that the label and packaging of a product has up to 80% direct impact on the consumers’ decision to buy.

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Self-Adhesive Solutions

Self Adhesive Labels


All services along the printing process are made available to our customers within our internal competencies and capacity

  • Artwork / Graphical design
  • Pre-print preparation
  • Plate exposing & fixation
  • Printing (roll to roll / roll to sheet)
  • Varnish / lamination
  • Die cut / slitting
  • Strobe inspection
  • Requested packaging
  • Delivery
  • Stock management (Consignment)
  • Product liability coverage
  • On-going label& packagin

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