Beyond 30 years of strong market presence under Doğuş Brand, here you will find more than 150 years of combined experience at your service, delivering:

* best-fit solutions to your labelling needs at competitive prices.

* on-going consultancy regarding new technologies, cost efficient alternatives and innovative ideas.


Fast and punctual!

We understand your business requirements for:

* Speed; because it takes fast response and short ‘time to market’ to be ahead of your competitors.

* Punctuality; because a delay in delivery of labels may cause intolerable interruptions in your production. There is no excuse! Your labels will be delivered on time, every time!


Data Security: We strictly respect your confidentiality requirements; such as order quantity, new products, projects or promotions.

Business Continuity: “Business must go on!" We do all it takes from ensuring enough stocks to implementing key safety and business continuity systems designed by risk engineers.

Fair Price: Our standard pricing tool ensures accurate and fair pricing; also enabling open book pricing.


...for life: We continuously plan and invest in environmental solutions.

...for economic growth: As the winner of a Silver Medal by Izmir Chamber of Commerce for tax paid, we continue to carefully act for profitable growth.

...for business: Our product liability insurance provides an umbrella of 1.5 million € coverage for our customers.


Each production job is documented from order to dispatch for quick detection and correction of potential quality gaps:

All product visuals and technical specifications are systematically archived for fast response to your inquiries.

Customer Focus

We listen and understand your requirements.

We run specific projects for our customers to develop tailored, best fit solutions with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We get feedback via Customer Satisfaction Surveys to further improve our services.

We invest and develop towards our customers’ expectations and future plans.