With a focus on sustainability and in line with our environmental policy...

* We continuously invest in environmental solutions. Our current premises in Kemalpaşa have been built with the “Green Building Concept"

* We have been awarded with Gold Medal by Ecovadis since 2015.

* We offer and promote environmental add-on services for our customers.

* Delivery of goods in re-usable boxes rather than carton boxes.

* Systematic suggestion of portfolio specific environmental product alternatives during year-end review meetings; in terms of raw material, printing technique, graphic design, final packaging.

* We purchase services from certified companies for recycling of all our production waste.

* Our main paper supply comes from FSC* certified forests in Finland and in the UK.

(*): FSC: Forest Stewardship Council

Financial Sustainability


We are well aware of our responsibilities for our country and the overall economic growth.

Sustainable business growth can only be possible in strong, sustainable economic environment. Therefore we take pride in every employment position we can create and every Lira tax we can generate for our Economy.

Doğuş Etiket...
The winner of the
Silver Medal
for tax paid by
Izmir Chamber of Commerce


Business Continuity


In-spite of all precautions and measures in place, what if all odds come together -Can we ignore the risk of label related liability cases?


  • All our customers are protected under our product liability insurance
  • Any liability case caused by our products is under € 1,5 million Global Coverage
  • Every year we under-go thorough audits and risk analysis by our insurer enabling us to take precautions on time.